FRLS Wires


Fire Retardant low smoke Wires & Cables have taken over other conventional wires & cables as fire is creating havoc everywhere in our lives.

Awareness for safety against fire has increased with bitter experience where in individuals & the nations have suffered great losses.

HYPHEN has developed & launched FRLS wires & cables to minimize the loss of human lives & property during fire hazards. In case of FRLS wires the insulation & in case of LT 1.1KV grade cables the outer sheath is specially formulated flame retardant low smoke type PVC Compound having high oxygen & temp. index, with reduced emission of halogen & smoke.

Product Details


Test Governing Specn. Test Significance
 Conventional Wire    FRLS Wire
 Oxygen Index Test  ASTM D-2863  Determines the Oxygen
 concentration in the
 oxygen/nitrogen mix. in
 which material burns at room
 23<  >29
 Temp. Index Test  ASTM D-2863 & BICC
 Determines the temp. at
 which the Oxygen Index
  of material becomes 21.
 <1600C  >2500C
 Smoke Density Test  ASTM D-2843  Indicates the extent to
 which material is likely to
 smoke under conditions to
 active burning & decomposition
  in the presence of flame
>80% <60%
 Acid Gas Generation Test  IEC 754 - 1  Determines the amount of
 holegan Acid gas (other
 than hydro fluoric acid) evolved
 during combustion of
 >40% (By wt.)  <20% (By wt.)